Interpret My Dream Step by Step

I interpret my dream based on God.

The secret on how I interpret my dream step by step is what I am about to reveal in this article. My dream interpretation method will work for you as well if you apply it step by step. This method will help you to interpret your dreams and enable you to gain understanding in the dream realm. The dream realm is one of the ways through which God uses to communicate with us. The book of Job 33:15-18 explains how God gives man instructions in a dream to hide pride from man and also to prevent man from falling into the pit and his soul from perishing. For this purpose, we should take our dreams very serious because God uses it to give us important information, instructions, directions which we need to follow, that will save our lives and protect us from calamity.  Below, you will find the following steps on how I interpret my dreams step by step. This works perfectly.

  • I Have No Negative Thoughts Before I go to BedI interpret my dream through prayers

In order for me to be able to interpret my dream, I get rid of all negative thoughts which might come to my head as a result of my daily activities. Our daily activities are at times filled with challenges, confrontations with people at work, school, people around us and the movies we watch. At times we get very mad at people, challenging situations around us, pressure from our families, friends and the government as well. All these thoughts of confrontations, anger, bitterness which might want to come up, make sure you deal with them before you go to bed. Better still, let your mind be focus on the Lord every time you go to bed, even if you forget to pray, let your mind be focused on Him. This will enable you know when a dream is from God, the devil or from your flesh, and you will be able to dismiss dreams which are not from God.

  • I Always Write Down my Dreams in a book

  • 6 steps to interpret my dream

The second step I take to interpret my dream is that I write them in a journal. I write down the date and the time I had the dream in case I got up some minutes when I had the dream. Writing down the time is not a must, only if you remember the time. In my Journal, I write down everything I saw in my dream. I write down the way I felt when I woke up, the people I saw, the environment, my activity in the dream and that of others if other people were involved in the dream. I write down the main actors of the dream. This will enable you to know if the dream was about you or it was about someone else. It’s important for you to know if you were an observer in the dream or the main participant of the dream. In some dreams, you might also take note of the weather, if it was raining, cold or warm, or winter and more. It’s very important to write down everything you remember in a journal so that you will be able to easily interpret your dream.

  • I Search for Christian Dream Symbols in the bible

The third step I take to interpret my dream is by searching for Christian dream symbols in the bible. As Christians we have to use the bible to interpret our dreams. The bible consists of several biblical dream symbols and several dream interpretations from people who believed in God like Joseph who interpreted the dream of Pharaoh.  In the bible you will see that dreaming about numbers had their meaning, and colours as well. For example, numbers in a dream usually mean number of Dyas, months or year depending on the kind of dream you have. White colour in a dream could mean a symbol of health if you were sick. I interpret my dreams also using Dream Interpretation Answers for all Common Dreams, it consists of biblical dream symbols in the bible which will also guide you in interpreting your own dreams.

  • Pray and Listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit in youhow i interpret my dream

The fourth step I take to interpret my dream is praying and listening to the voice of the Holy spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the best interpreter of dreams if you know how to listen effectively to the Holy spirit. After using dream interpretation symbols from the bible, I make sure to pray and listen to the inner voice of the Holy spirit in me, and make sure there is an agreement with the dream interpretation symbols in the bible. In Most cases there is an agreement, in other cases, things happen just the way I see them in my dreams. If you are a prophetic dreamer that is one who dreams and it comes to pass as it is, then no dream interpretation is needed. Praying helps you to understand your dream and get your dream interpretation. Let your mind be focused on God while praying.

  • I Pray over my Dream before I interpret my Dream

The fifth step I take to interpret my dream is that I pray over my dream after I must have gotten the interpretation. The first prayer I make is to be able to get specific understanding so that I can interpret my dream. The second prayer is either to cancel the dream in order to prevent it from manifesting or to confirm the dream so that it can come to pass. It is a good thing to always pray over your dreams no matter the kind of dreams you have. In the book of Matthew 18:18 Jesus said Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven“. Heaven is waiting for you to either accept or reject what you want or not. The power to do this is within you, to either accept what you see in your dreams or reject them.

  • I Have faith in My Prayers and Declarations over my DreamI interpret my dream by faith and prayers

The final step is that I hold on to my faith. I hold on to faith over the prayers I made after interpreting my dream.  Prayer goes with faith. I make sure that my faith should not stager so as to prevent the bad thing which I saw in my dreams from manifesting, and the good things in my dream to come to pass or manifest. I speak positive words and avoid any negative words or thoughts from manifesting in real life by having faith in God that my prayers and my declarations have been answered.

Conclusively, the way I interpret my dream consist of six steps which are; Having no negative thoughts before going to bed, always writing down dreams in a book, Searching for Christian dream symbols in the bible, Praying and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and finally having faith in the prayers and declarations which I make over my dreams. Sleeping with a positive mind-set will help you to easily interpret your dreams and better understand if the dream is coming from God or not. One of the ways which God uses to give us instructions is through our dreams. That is why we need to take our dreams serious and remain positive over it by having faith till the end. More about faith which could be helpful when interpreting your dreams  could be read on What does the Bible say about Faith Which Works.

Please share your experience in the comment section below. Tell us how you interpret your dreams and how it works for you.  Share also how you used the above steps in this article to help interpret your dreams.

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