My Story

My Story About Zoe,the Life of God in Me

Zoe truth-The truth about the life of God in Me

Zoe truth- the truth about the life of God in me. Before the year 2007, my life was very unstable in every aspect. I was faced with educational, spiritual and health problems. I had constant headaches almost every day and I was always taking medications until they were not responding anymore and until my mum scolded at me to stop taking too much of such medication because an excess of it wasn’t good for my health.

In addition to that, I was also faced with spiritual problems, having attacks at night when I was sleeping , I could feel someone pressing my neck until I will have to call out the name of Jesus aloud for it to stop and for the evil spirit to depart even though I never actually had the revelation of the name of Jesus. I also found myself having sex in the dream several times which was not normal. I say it wasn’t normal because I was not thinking about sex or had any such thought before I went to bed but I would still find my self having sex in the dream.

At times, I will sense the presence of this spirit, and in my mind, I knew what was going to happen and there was not anything i could do about it, and my prayers were actually not producing results because I had no understanding of praying the right way. This evil spirit had an understanding of me and it was as if it knew what I was thinking and was adapting itself based on that. The more my knowledge upgraded itself the more the strategies of this evil spirit was also upgraded as well. It’s a long story which you will have to read more in my upcoming articles. In addition, I also had challenges with my education.

Despite the fact that I was so focused on my studies I will still fail most of my courses. I will help my friends out and also lecture them, yet they will write and pass their exams but I will still fail. A practical case was when my two friends were helpless in the examination hall and I had to help them out, they had to copy what I wrote in my paper, they had good grades and I failed.I know its wrong for your friends to copy from your work but it was just a sign for me to understand that I had to do something about my situation. With so many challenges, I started searching for a solution to put an end to all these challenging situations I was facing. I knew about God, I was going to church but I never had the revelations about Jesus Christ. The revelation about Jesus brought about the Change in my Life


In 2007, A Pastor needed the help of my brother to fix his computer but my brother was very busy, and he asked me to go check out the computer of that pastor. I fixed the computer and then, later on, this pastor invited me for a service. In this service, I had the revelation of Jesus. That was just the beginning into a new kind of life known as Zoe, meaning the life of God.

I understood prayers, faith, dreams and visions,hearing Gods voice, giving, walking in divine health, living a life of victory free from spiritual attacks and success all way around.

Zoe truth is knowing the truth about the life of God and living the life of God in us, which we have obtained through Jesus Christ, by accepting Him as our Lord and personal savior.

The ultimate secret about being victorious is understanding the truth, if you don’t know the truth you wouldn’t be able to become free. The objective of this blog is to bring out the truth about the life of God which is available through Jesus Christ and for you to become free through the knowledge of the Revelation of the word of God.