Best Dream Interpretation Answers for all Common Dreams

Best dream interpretation answers for all dreams reveals common dreams which people have almost every day. It’s very important to learn about dream interpretation answers so that you can better plan your day, life and adjust your programs in life. Getting answers for your dreams by being able to understand the interpretation of your dreams will save you time and also save your life from plenty of troubles. Dreams reveals the future and the past, they show us things to come and how to avoid certain dangers which are about to come our way. Dreams helps to pave our path and leads us through the right path when we have the right dream interpretation answers at our disposal. If you have the wrong dream interpretation answers you will not be able to have the right understanding of your dream and it will lead you towards the wrong path in life. Below, you will find common dream interpretation answers for all common dreams.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Fruits

dream interpretaton answers for all fruits

To dream about fruits is usually a nice and positive dream. It means that something good is coming your way. About fruits, we will talk about ripe fruits, unripe fruits and rotten fruits. These three different aspects of fruits which you might see in your dreams will mean three different things.

Seeing ripe fruits of all kinds in your dream such oranges, apples, mangoes, banana, avocado, Guava, Mandarin, Papaya, Pear, Pineapple, Plums, Watermelon, Tangerine, Cherries, ripe plantains, just to name a few mean something positive is going to happen to you.  If you also see yourself harvesting ripe fruits, picking ripe fruits or receiving ripe fruits in your dream, it still mean the same thing that you will receive something good and or abundance. If you see yourself giving ripe fruits to some one it means God wants to use you to bless that person, or God is telling you to help that person.

– Seeing unripe fruits in a dream: If you have a dream where you see unripe fruits it means you should exercise patience on your expectations. The additional meaning of it is also that  some thing good will come your way but you need to exercise patience because it’s not yet time. If you put a lot of pressure you will not be able to enjoy what God wants to give you, and you might destroy it with lack of patience. If you see yourself harvesting unripe fruits know that you are destroying something Good which was about to come your way but wasn’t yet time for it to manifest. In such a case, you need to pray about it and exercise patience.

–  Seeing rotten fruits in your dreams: dreaming about rotten fruits is not a good dream. If you see rotten fruits in your dreams it means a fail project which has been successful already. It can also mean a disappointment over something good. In this case you need to pray against failure over any successful project or projects at hand and rebuke any form of disappointment in the name of Jesus.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Vegetables

 dream interpretation answers for vegetables in a dream

If you see fresh vegetables in your dreams it means everything is going to be well with you. It can also mean a sign of good health or that you will be healthy again if you are sick. For some, it might mean a fresh start over a relationship or a business. If you see green vegetables in your dream or green leaves in your dream it means you should engage in that project or business that is burning up in your heart. Green leaves are also a sign of a successful path in your life in which you need to take a leap of faith, and do that thing which you are afraid of doing. Greens leaves or green vegetables can also mean an end to a struggling period in your life. Most of my friends or people who I know had this kind of dream where they saw green leaves or vegetables and some months later or year later things turned out to be good for them.

  • If you dream of seeing rotten leaves or leaves which are dead or withered it means a failed project or your health is deteriorating, things are falling apart and you need to act quickly with wisdom in prayers for things not to turn bad. Some of these things might take days, weeks, months, or a year to manifest, even the good dreams. No matter the kind of dream you have, you should always pray either to thank God for it to come to pass or to rebuke the enemy in order for things to fall back into place and be preserved.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Animals

 dream interpretation answers for seeing animals

Dreaming about animals could mean different things. We will categorize animals between domestic animals and wild animals. Generally, domestic animals such as dogs and cats usually mean a friendly companion. But in another case a dog can mean sexual perversion or sexual immorality. A cat can also mean a Witch in a dream depending how you felt in that dream. It all depends on the circumstance in your dream and how you felt when you saw the dog or cat in your dream.  Seeing a goat in your dream will mean you will make mistakes, get into confusing and act foolishly in certain situations.  A goat in a dream can also mean you are not actually following instructions. If you see a sheep in your dream it means you should learn to follow the instruction of God from your heart. Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me“. You might also have some one in your life who acts like a shepherd in your life and you have been avoiding to yield to his instruction, seeing a sheep might mean you should follow his or her advice.

  • Seeing a wild animal in your dream might depict danger or an attack. It also means someone might attack you verbally, in action, or cause you trouble. When you have such kind of dreams you just need to be very calm and make sure to avoid any form of confrontation with any one, and above all pray over it.
  • When you see a lion in your dream it means you should be bold, courageous and swift over the things you do. It also means you should stop being afraid. A lion might also mean you will occupy a leading position or become a leader.
  • Seeing a healthy cow in your dream means the present year will be a very favourable year for you.
  • If you see a slim cow in your dream it means that year will be a year of hardship and difficulties.

Dream Interpretation Answers for Amphibians

amphibians dream interpretation answers

Dreams about amphibians can mean different things in a dream. For example, a frog can mean that you are unstable in the things you do and the decision you make, and the message is that you need to be stable. Seeing a fish in your dream could mean that the solution to your problems is at hand or your problems will soon come to an end. In the bible, we see Jesus multiply fish and bread to feed 5000 men, giving instruction for  fish to be caught and money to be removed from it‘s mouth and  be used to pay tax. My point is that fish was seen as a source of multiplication, food and solution to a problem. In addition, seeing a fish in water in your dreams can mean that you will marvel some people with your action.

  • If you see a snail in your dream it means there is a certain thing or project in your life which will be very slow to be accomplished, or will take time for it to manifest. This could also mean that you are too slow over certain things in your life and you need to top up your speed.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Reptiles

dream interpretation answers for seeing sankes in a dream

Dreaming of reptiles in general in a dream is not actually a good dream. It depicts danger and fear. For example, reptiles such as seeing a snake in a dream is usually one of the most common reptiles people see in their dreams. Snake interpretation in dreams can mean you have an enemy or someone who does not like you, and wants to get even with you.  Snake dream meaning or Seeing a snake in your dream can also mean that you have a subtle enemy in your life or in your mist and you need to be careful or be aware of any form of deception or deceit from your environment or people around you.

  • If you dream of seeing a Lizard in your dream it means someone is monitoring your activities for a negative or positive reason. This usually means you should be discreet. When you have such a dream you need to be careful with your activities. If you are doing something illegal at work, school, or in your environment you need to stop. If you are cheating on someone or deceiving someone you need to stop because there is high probability that you are being monitored. Dreaming about a Lizard can also mean that someone is observing your activities in order to deceive you or rob you of something, it can be spiritual and it can be physical. This  all depends on the activities in which you are involved in during the period which you have the dream.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Vehicles

Dreaming that you are in a car driving(car driving in a dream) and you know where you are going, and know what you are doing it means you are on the right track. But if you dream of driving a car and cannot control the steering or don’t even know where you are going it means you will get confused and not be able to make the right decisions in your life over certain things.  If you see yourself travelling, it might mean a transition from one stage of life to another. For some people it might mean the work of a missionary or ministry.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Nature

Nature in dream interpreation answers

If you dream about nature it might mean different things. If you dream of a mountain in your dream it means an obstacle which you will need to deal with. If you see yourself climbing a mountain it means you are making it to the top. Seeing yourself in a dream on top of a mountain it means success and you will succeed in your endeavours.

  • If you dream of seeing yourself in a desert it means you will go through difficult times in your life, and you need to pray.
  • Dreaming of a valley means you should be careful with your steps and the decisions you take in your life and other things. If you see yourself in a valley or in a pit it means you are in trouble but you are not yet aware of it.
  • Dreaming of vegetation means you will experience the beauty of life in a glorious way, peace and calmness.
  • Meaning of vegetation in dream interpretation answers

Dream Interpretation Answers of Colors

Dreaming about colors have different meanings depending on the kind of colors you see in your dream.  For example, if you see a white color in your dream it means there is something about you that will be made clean. To some, if you are sick it means you will get well soon. In the books of Lev 13:13 in the bible the priest was in charge of proclaiming people who were healed of leprosy clean. The priest could only proclaim healing only when the plague on their body turned to white, it was a sign that they have been healed. You can learn more about healing by reading prayer for healing in the bible that works today.

  • If you see yourself wearing a white garment it could mean that you are walking in purity of the Lord. If you see a dirty garment or white garment with stains it means you need to purify yourself, attitude or change your ways to suit that of the Lord.
  • Seeing blue, purple and or scarlet color especially in the form of a cloth or attire it means you are called to render service to the Lord or ministration to the lord. You can serve the Lord with your finances, time, services to the church, and helping the poor and needy. This also means preaching or teaching the word of God to others (Exodus 39:1), To some it will mean support in the building of the house of God with what you have. You can read more from the bible in the book of exodus chapter 35 to understand more.
  • The color blue also signifies that you have the coverage of God.
  • If you see your self wearing blue and white attire, it signifies royalty or you will be in the presence of top leaders such as presidents, kings, ministers and more. Esther 8:15
  • Blue, it is a sign for captains and rulers or leaders. Ezekiel 23:6
  • Dreaming of the color green means you will be prosperous or you will flourish in your upcoming endeavours. Seeing the color green in your dream also means that nothing shall be able to stop your desired project and it will be very successful. Rev 9:4
  • Yellow color in your dream means sickness, poor health or uncleanliness. (Lev 13:30)
  • Yellow gold color or Gold in a dream means wealth and Riches coming your way or adding up.
  • Dreaming of seeing a red color means danger, and you should watch your steps, and be careful in the kind of projects you want to engage yourself. It can also be a warning over your actions or decisions you want to take. Seeing red blood in your dream might mean that some one you know might have an injury or be hurt. Red can also mean a period of travail. Seeing the blood of Jesus in your dream  means attornment of sins, which is just a reminder. If you see some one in blood, a friend or family member you should pray for that person in faith and advice the person to be watchful and prayerful. To learn more about faith you can read this article on what does the bible say about faith that works?

Dream Interpretation Answers of Numbers

Numbers in a dream mean days, months or years in which an event will take place in your life or which an incident will take place. For example, in the book of Genesis 40:12 Joseph interpreted the three branches which Pharaoh cupbearer saw in his dream to mean three days. Also, in Genesis 40:18 Joseph interpreted the dream of the chief baker who had three baskets on his head in his dream to mean three days as well. Those three things which they all saw in their dreams meant an important event in their life which had to be to good or bad.  In Genesis 41:25-27, in the dream which pharaoh had where he saw seven fat cows, seven ugly and thin cows, and also saw seven good heads of grains, seven worthless heads of grain, all meant seven years of good and or bad events .This is just to back up my point that numbers in a dream mostly mean number of days or years in which an event will take place, which might be good or bad.

  • If you see number one in your dream it means a new beginning of an event, or your will have your first experience over something new. Number one in a dream is also a sign that you will dominate, and might be in a position of high authority.
  • Seeing the number three in a dream means completion, something is complete in your life. It can also mean that you will round up your task or project soon and safely. To some people, it will mean that they should walk in the consciousness of the power of the Holy trinity in their life.
  • Number seven mean completion and perfection, it means your work or the work of God over a project in your life is complete. Seeing number 7 in your dream can also mean you will have rest over a thing which has been troubling you. In addition, to some people it could mean that your worries are gone. Exodus 35 v 2
  • Twelve (12) if you see the number 12 in your dream it means you have been called to discipleship. If you see the number twelve in your dream which consist of a number of objects or things it could mean number of days, months or years for an event or something to happen. Read our analysis on the interpretation of the dreams of Joseph above to understand more.
  • Five: The number five in the dream means Grace

Besides the numbers which we mention above, meaning of numbers in the bible which you can find in your dream can help you get interpretation of what you see in you dream..

Dream Interpretation Answers of Bread

This means daily provision. It means you will have your daily bread and you should not get worried about the supply of your daily provision.

Dream Interpretation Answers of seeing Birds

dream interpretation answers of eagle

If you see a dove in your dream it means the visitation of the Holy Spirit. It can also mean a sign of peace, new beginning and manifestation of good things in your life.

  • If you see an eagle in your dreams it means if you are patient enough you shall achieve durable great things in your life. It can also mean dominance over your competitors such as in business and other activities.
  • If you see an owl in your dream it might mean negative spiritual influence, or something negative or bad is about to be decided about you, and you might hear an unpleasant new. But you can overcome this with prayers by rebuking any evil or bad news in the name of Jesus.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Angels

 dream interpretation answers of seeing angels in a dream

Dreaming of Angels or seeing Angels in your dream means that God has a message for you. You should reflect the kind of message which you received in your dream. In the bible Angels are known to be the messengers of God. They delivered God’s message to the people.

  • Secondly, seeing an Angel or Angels in your dream can also mean that you are protected and covered. The bible says we are surrounded by countless numbers of Angels. The bible talks about angels of war and angels which were just to deliver God’s messages. This can be seen in the book of Daniel chapter 9, where Angel Gabriel came to deliver a message to Daniel after Angel Michael fought against the prince of Persia who was preventing Angel Gabriel to deliver the message of God to Daniel.
  • Thirdly, seeing Angels in your dream could also mean that God is delivering Judgement over a situation, persons or people.

Flying Dream Meaning and Interpretation Answers

If you see yourself flying in the dream it means that you will overcome your challenges and obstacles. You shall be above and over shadow every valley and mountain in your life. For those who are patient, this shows that God will reward you greatly for your patience.  Remember the bibles says ” But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Dreams about Teeth

To dream about your teeth means it’s a reflection of your level of wisdom.  Depending on some individuals, seeing your teeth in a dream, white and strong means your level of wisdom has increased, and you should act with the conviction in what you do.

Dream interpretation teeth falling out: if you see your teeth falling out it means you are lacking wisdom in several areas of your life when it comes to communication.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Pregnancy

Dreaming about pregnancy or seeing yourself in a dream pregnant means that you have conceived a good project which will manifest over time. It could be an idea which will be successful or a promise which will manifest with time.

  • If you see your self pregnant in the dream and the baby was aborted or you had miscarriage it means that you will be unsuccessful in a project which has started or was conceived already.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Death

Dreams about dying doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will die, it could mean an end to something bad in a person’s life. Dreaming about your death  could mean a fail project, or your business might fail. To see someone dying in a dream, it might mean that you will lose something valuable, it could be an end to a relationship, lost of a job, and or a losing  a connection with someone or something.

  • When you have a recurring dream of death about yourself   or someone else close to you  it means there is an important thing you need to change about your life which if you don’t it will cost you to loss something or someone valuable to you. You need to pray to God about it as well.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Tongue

  • If you see a tongue in a dream or dream about your own tongue it means God is telling you to control your tongue and use it for the right purpose, because it will determine certain things in your life.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Eggs

If you see eggs in your dream it means the birth of a new project or idea. It also means a new beginning or new start for people who have always wanted a new beginning in their lives.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Clouds

Dreaming of seeing clouds in your dream means that you have the protection of God upon your life. It also means that the hand of God is upon you and you should have faith that you are protected by God.

Dream Interpretation Answers of New land

Dreaming of seeing yourself in a new land means that you will find your self in a new environment. It could be a change of city, state, or country.

Dream Interpretation of Praising God and or Thanking God

If you see yourself in a dream praising God or thanking God it means that God has answered your prayers and you will see the manifestation very soon because of your faith in God.

  • If you see yourself in a dream worshipping God it means that you should worship God actually, knowing that He is the beginning and the end and He supersedes all things. If you had some expectations and problems, it means you should just worship God over the challenges you are going through, and know that it is resolved already as you spend time worshipping God. It‘s worth mentioning that through the worshipping of God positive things happen in our lives.

Dream Interpretation Answers of Stars

dream interpretation answers for seeing stars

If you see stars in your dream, it means your life will shine so bright and every one will appreciate and congratulate you. If you see a shooting star in your dream, it means your desire will come to pass.

  • If you see a dark star in your dream it means your ideas and things about you will become unpopular.
  • Seeing a falling star in your dream means that you will fall from glory. Having this kind of dream means you need to pray for God to adjust things in your life.

Dreams of Picking Ripe Mangoes

If you see your self in a dream picking ripe mangoes it is a positive sign. It is a good dream for you to see yourself picking ripe mangoes. It is a sign that something you have been expecting will come to pass. It also means positive results for someone who applied for a job for example,someone expecting the results of an exam,interview and more.  In general, a ripe mango means that thing your expectation are ready tobe met. But remember , don’t force yourself dreaming about seeing or picking ripe mangoes,banana,oranges or ripe fruits in general  because you will not see the benefit of it. Dreams occur naturally, and we don’t choose what to dream of, but  we can pray to God to reveal things to us.  God chooses what to show us through dreams.

Dreams of Picking unripe Mangoes

If you dream of picking unripe mangoes, it means you should exercise patience in that project of yours,or you should stop because it’s not yet time to proceed. In other cases it would mean a failed project because you acted too fast when it was not yet time. If you see unripe mangoes in your dreams it means that the things you are expecting are not yet ready.

If you have more questions about dreams please leave your comments below. Share your dreams and the out come to help others undertsand more about dreams. Share this article to other groups inorder to help others know more about their dreams.

Thanks for sharing, God bless you.

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